• Why We Did This

    we were home alone...

    Everybody reacts differently to a crisis. Some do the fight or flight thing. Others become selectively deaf because it’s too much to take in. Still others keep asking the same question over and over, because they want the answer to be different.


    This time, a lot of people are watching Andrew Cuomo on TV, eager to be reassured that someone is in charge. But nobody is, really.


    We’re writers for America’s best magazines. Foreign correspondents. Newspaper editors and bureau chiefs. Musicians who have worked all over the world and local heroes. Fiction writers. Essayists from the country’s most respected literary magazines. Homeless poets, political philosophers, futurists, quants.


    When trouble comes, we do what we have always done, only harder. We work around the clock. We stay on the computer for hours. We write songs and short stories. Essays and articles.


    We're doing the work for its own sake again, the way we used to. Worrying about marketing or a "platform," well, that's the kind of thinking that got America where it is now: unprepared, divided, selling the tools to preserve life as if we’re hawkers at a souk in a failed state.


    We’re writing for free because it’s that kind of time. If you can throw something in the pot, cool. The most helpful way to support the work is via a paid membership. If you want a tax break, hit us up with an email. We're low-budget, but not no-budget and any help with expenses is welcome.


    If it's not that kind of time for you, keep on reading. You're welcome here.



    Susan Zakin, Editor



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